Packaged Apps

The Marketplace that ships on Firefox OS is a packaged app which needs to be built from fireplace. (Side note: There is a lightweight version of the Marketplace called yogafire which you may also be wanting to build. It follows these same steps, except you’ll need to swap out the right manifest URLs when appropriate).

Create a New Package

These directions assume you have a copy of the Marketplace frontend checked out.

If you want to make a production package (i.e., using the production API), simply run from the root of your Fireplace checkout:

make package

If you are building a packaged app containing an iframed Marketplace (which is currently running in production as of February 2015) as opposed to a true packaged app containing the actual Marketplace and all its assets, you’ll instead want to run:

make iframe_package

Packages will be output to /package/builds/. You can also make packages for other servers. These are pre-configured within config.js:

SERVER=altdev make package
SERVER=dev make package
SERVER=paymentsalt make package
SERVER=stage make package

If you are running a local backend server (e.g.,, you can configure and build a custom package if you wanted. Open config.js and add an entry to packageConfig. It might look like:

'local': {
    domain: '',
    media_url: '',
    name: 'Local',
    origin: 'app://'

To test your package, use Firefox’s WebIDE.

Put the New Package on the Marketplace

These directions assume you have the site permissions (meaning: you own the app in the Marketplace) to do this and you want to put it on production. Adjust the URL below if you want to put it on dev or stage.

  1. Edit the app on the Marketplace
  2. Upload the newly made package
  3. Make sure that Multiple Network Information and Network Information are checked
  4. Save your changes. The file will be in the approval queue.

Approve the New Package on the Marketplace

These directions assume you have the reviewer permissions to do this.

  1. Load the app in the Reviewer Tools
  2. Click Push to Public
  3. Enter a short message in comments and click OK

Preload a New Package in Firefox OS

For steps 4 to 8, we have a helper script to download the package and generate Etags.

These directions assume you have forked gaia.

  1. File a bug for Gaia saying a new Marketplace is incoming. They won’t land a PR without a bug filed.

  2. Check out a new branch

  3. Navigate to the Marketplace files:

    cd apps/
  4. Run in a separate window and make note of the output of these commands. Note that if you are building yogafire and not fireplace you’ll want to use marketplace-package.webapp from the same URL below.

    curl ''
    curl -I '' | grep ETag
  5. The first command above will be a blob of JSON including a package_path. Copy that package path (eg. The second command will have an ETag header (eg. a10ca98addc3785e92ead363281c425bd7114b84a4162f50096593b76a7ac2c3) - copy that for later.

  6. Replace the current marketplace with the new package using the package_path you copied above. Example:

    curl '' >
  7. Get the package’s new ETag:

    curl -I '' | grep ETag
  8. Modify metadata.json and replace the etag and packageEtag fields with the two ETags from above. Note that the extra escaped quotes are not a typo. Your diff will look something like:

    + "etag": "\"a10ca98addc3785e92ead363281c425bd7114b84a4162f50096593b76a7ac2c3\"",
    + "packageEtag": "\"bf5f4736daffaf7982c872efc4beb38f440d5d84a6fb3f82c5d434cca6abd4d5\"",
  9. Commit your changes and make a pull request. Put the bug number from step 1 in the title of the bug. For example: Bug 100000 - New Marketplace; 20140501

  10. Return to the bug you filed in step 1. Click Add Attachment -> Paste text as attachment and paste in your pull request URL (eg. Under flags request review? from :julienw or :fabrice

  11. Done!

Testing Your Package on Device

Do you have that tingle in your gut that says you should test our the package on an actual phone before making a PR? Or maybe you made some changes to the certs and you want to make sure they work? Well, you’re in luck, because it’s super easy (this will erase everything on your phone):

  1. Make sure you’re in the root of your Gaia repository
  2. Make sure you can see your Flame device with adb devices
  3. Run make reset-gaia to build your gaia and push to the device