Marketplace Frontend


Check out our complete Marketplace frontend documentation page at

This section is briefly about setting up the Marketplace frontend. For further information about Marketplace frontend projects, check out our dedicated frontend documentation.


Setting up an instance of the Marketplace frontend for development is very simple. Note, you will need Node and NPM set up on your machine:

git clone
npm install
make install
make serve

This will clone the project, install dependencies, copy assets from Bower into the project, create a require.js configuration with paths set up, and start a local webserver on port 8675 by default.

Firefox OS

To develop on Firefox OS, we recommend using Firefox’s WebIDE. Follow the instructions on connecting a device.

To generate a package (i.e., a Marketplace app to install on the device):

make package

Then install the package onto the device using WebIDE.


To develop on Android, you’ll need to make sure that the Android device can access your local development instance.

If you’re running your development environment on a vm then being able to accessing it from an android device can be a challenge. To solve this problem on android there’s a couple of options.

  • Use a proxy with DNS spoofing like Charles proxy Using a recent android phone you can configure a proxy under the advanced settings of a wi-fi connection. This doesn’t require root.
  • Root your phone and push a hosts file to it with adb.